Quiz your hiring manager

How do you ensure that you convert an interview into a job? You start by asking your hiring manager some important questions. So when the manager asks you, “Is there anything you would like to know?” Make use of that opportunity. “Asking the right questions tells a lot about the candidate’s attitude, his/her seriousness about the job and how they can value add to the company,” 

1. What are the growth prospects in this position? This will give you a better idea as to whether or not the company will meet your expectations. For hiring manager, it will show that you are not a passive candidate. “It shows that the candidate is keen about the post and is serious about learning,”

2. What is the evaluation system? This will give you an idea about how things run in the organisation and what is expected of you.

3. What is the culture of the organisation? For a candidate it helps to find out things like if the organisation gives importance to work-life balance. And, the hiring manager can also gauge the candidate’s attitude towards work in general.

4. What kind of training will I receive? This question will really help someone who is applying for a fresher to middle level. The answers will give you an idea of what will be your learning curve in the organisation. “Though it’s very important to find out how a candidate will contribute to the organisation, it is also important to know how they view a job. Is it only for a survival or they are keen to learn from their colleagues. This shows that a candidate is passionate about his work,” 

5. How does compensation work? Is salary the only component, or are their equity or bonus/commission programs? What opportunities are there for me to grow my compensation? Don’t shy away from asking this question. It is better to clarify your doubts before joining than being unhappy about the compensation later on. This will reflect your overall attitude towards the organisation and work, as well.

Though asking questions is important, stay away from “Who will be my reporting manager? What kind of person he or she is? Will I have team? Will I be expected to do mundane jobs? How will I meet my targets? Do you work with strict deadlines? – All these questions are a big no-no. They create a negative impression,”

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