Saturday, February 17, 2007

Have a wonderful year...


It is time for joy, happniess and holidays and i take full opportunity to wish you and your family on this special day for good health, wealth, success, joy, rise and blah, blah....
So friends have a blast this season and make some resolution for coming year. May god always be with you.

Enjoy it and have a smiling face even when have bad phase atleast your face will excercise and others will notice...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Have a nice DAY..

Some days are cold and dark. Some make us feel so alone. Some days are hard to understand. On those days God knew we'd need an extra hug or two. So he gave us friends. So that we would always have an angel close when we needed one..... Hello Friend

There are 2 kinds of people,
those who do the work
those who take the credit.
Try to be in first group;
there is less competition there.

Have a nice day!!!!