Monday, June 06, 2011

My latest Chinese pictures

Hello everyone, its almost 2 yrs since i posted anything here, in China FB, Google, twitter, Youtube and many other sites are blocked and we have no access.
In these 2 yrs i saw many ups and down but like is all about that, a rollar coster ride on unknown track where you never know where and when next turn or bump will show up. Keep going and keep fighting is what we have always been thought and let me tell you that it helps. Our old parents, relatives, crazy uncles whatever told us when we were small, dint made sense but when you experience it and face it then you will realize that "oh!!! yes, i have heard this when i was young".
Its almost my 7 yrs in China and guys, in real ways i have seen China changing and developing, before Olympics and after Olympics, its so different.
Will try to update whenever i can get access to my blog in China. Posting some recent pictures for you all.
Have a great day every one.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Xin nian kuai le

Dear Friends,
Like Christmas in other countries,China have Spring festival which they call it as "xin nian kuai le" meaning happy new year. Its the biggest festival of China and during this time almost everything gets closed and come to rest. During this time people come back home for get together and celebrate this festival with family,friends and relatives(My Indian friends can relate it with Diwali).
You can find lot of red candles and lights. I took some pictures for you all so you can enjoy it as i enjoyed it with my friends here...


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Handmade Art Exhibition

Last week i visited one Chinese Handmade art exhibition organized in university here. I took some shots for you all.. hope you like them...

Chinese Calligraphy drawn by some local artist on thin sheet of paper

Handmade statute by local folks...

Colorful canvas Paintings...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shouguang China Vegetable Fair 2008

As promised to all my friends on Internations CHINA group about veg fair pictures in Shouguang.
Its unique as it is always and it has the charm of attracting all those who wants to see beautiful things.

Some of the pictures from Shouguang International vegetable fair which is held in April of every year and this year in 2008 is exceptional with many exibition hall with differnt kinds of vegetables grown using latest scientific technology.
Highlight of the fair is that the vegetables grown here never dies and it is always fresh.
A must destination for all who loves such exceptional shows.
3 cheers for the people who are responsible for such a grand show.Very unique...

Trip to Beijing

I am back again with my travel pictures.
Recently i visited many many places for work and pleasure and Beijing the Olympic city is one place to watch out for in coming days as Olympics are nearing the city is becoming more and more charming and beautiful.You will believe me when you visit the city.
If anyone visit it or wants some reference then keep posting your comments and till then.. chow...

Indian Classical Dance

Its pretty long time since i uploaded something on my blog but i was trying to write something and many a times in china i was not able to access my blog and i am sure you all also must be facing the same problem when it comes to accessing blog.
Last month we had Indian dance program in china and it was really really impressive to watch and 2 professional performers did there trick and got everyones attention.
Here i am posting some pictures for you all to watch and enjoy my memories.
Till then keep commenting....

me with 2 Indian artist Shambhavi and Parimal.Great dancers.
Cheers for them...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Indian Friends...

Dear Friend, recently some of my Indian friends visited to my city shouguang.

It was nice to meet all the fine people and to spend quality time with them. We had lot of good time together and we visited to many places.

I will cherish it and it will always make me smile when i will think of the time we spend and the fun we had... God bless you all for giving me so wonderful time.