Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shouguang China Vegetable Fair 2008

As promised to all my friends on Internations CHINA group about veg fair pictures in Shouguang.
Its unique as it is always and it has the charm of attracting all those who wants to see beautiful things.

Some of the pictures from Shouguang International vegetable fair which is held in April of every year and this year in 2008 is exceptional with many exibition hall with differnt kinds of vegetables grown using latest scientific technology.
Highlight of the fair is that the vegetables grown here never dies and it is always fresh.
A must destination for all who loves such exceptional shows.
3 cheers for the people who are responsible for such a grand show.Very unique...

Trip to Beijing

I am back again with my travel pictures.
Recently i visited many many places for work and pleasure and Beijing the Olympic city is one place to watch out for in coming days as Olympics are nearing the city is becoming more and more charming and beautiful.You will believe me when you visit the city.
If anyone visit it or wants some reference then keep posting your comments and till then.. chow...

Indian Classical Dance

Its pretty long time since i uploaded something on my blog but i was trying to write something and many a times in china i was not able to access my blog and i am sure you all also must be facing the same problem when it comes to accessing blog.
Last month we had Indian dance program in china and it was really really impressive to watch and 2 professional performers did there trick and got everyones attention.
Here i am posting some pictures for you all to watch and enjoy my memories.
Till then keep commenting....

me with 2 Indian artist Shambhavi and Parimal.Great dancers.
Cheers for them...