Monday, June 06, 2011

My latest Chinese pictures

Hello everyone, its almost 2 yrs since i posted anything here, in China FB, Google, twitter, Youtube and many other sites are blocked and we have no access.
In these 2 yrs i saw many ups and down but like is all about that, a rollar coster ride on unknown track where you never know where and when next turn or bump will show up. Keep going and keep fighting is what we have always been thought and let me tell you that it helps. Our old parents, relatives, crazy uncles whatever told us when we were small, dint made sense but when you experience it and face it then you will realize that "oh!!! yes, i have heard this when i was young".
Its almost my 7 yrs in China and guys, in real ways i have seen China changing and developing, before Olympics and after Olympics, its so different.
Will try to update whenever i can get access to my blog in China. Posting some recent pictures for you all.
Have a great day every one.